Parfum de Poo


Parfum de Poo is designed to address the problem of a stinky bathroom.   Come on now, we all know it sometimes smells bad in there.  You simply take the bottle, shake it and spritz 5-6 sprays directly on the toilet bowl water, sit, finish, and flush.  There will be little or no odor during or after as it is trapped beneath a layer of essential oils that leave the bathroom smelling sweet.  It has the added benefit that if you forget to spritz the toilet water, you can spray it into the air and eliminate the odor with no aerosol spray chemicals.   It comes in a 4 oz. spray container and 3 scents - Orange-Jasmine, Honeysuckle, and Spice Delight.  You can also purchase a set of 3 for a discounted price.  If you want mix the fragrances in the 3 pack, please email ( or text (214-404-2977) me with the fragrances you want.

Ingredients: water, essential oils.