For Women Only


For Women Only is a wonderful remedy for menstrual cramps, mild PMS symptoms, and some menopause symptoms.  Simply apply to the abdomen and the insides of your ankles at the first onset of symptoms.  Please note that it contains a VERY powerful hormone regulator (vitex) for women and should be used with a couple of serious cautions.  1.  DO NOT use if you are pregnant or on the birth control pill (it could negate the effects of the pill).  2.  DO NOT allow any men or boys to smell or get the product on their skin as it has a tendency to make males very ill with very little contact.

The product is terrific for women, but please use with caution and observe the warnings above.  It comes in both a cream and a liquid in a rollerball applicator and contains the following essential oils: clay sage, ylang ylang, marjoram, lavandin, roman chamomile, and vitex.