Cold and Flu Chest Rub


I have been using this cold and flu rub for about 15 years and I won't go through a cold season without it.  It reduces both the severity of symptoms and the length of time I am sick.  For the best results, inhale deeply of the scent several times to obtain maximum effect from the oils then rub some on your upper chest.  You can also rub a small amount around your nose to sooth sore skin. The base I use to distribute the essential oils is made with coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax. The essential oils consist of an antibacterial, an antiviral, a respirator aid, and an immune system booster.

This now also comes as a liquid in a convenient, no-spill roller ball applicator bottle.  You can now take it with you wherever you go and don't have to worry about any melting or spills.