Remember growing up and visiting Grandma's house?  No matter what ailed you or how you felt, she always had something to make you feel better.  It's the same here at Grandma's Cupboard.  My products are all natural and just make you feel good.

I began working with essential oils in 2003.  I am continually amazed at the power and, at the same time, gentleness of these amazing oils.  I have over the years developed several blends that have helped my family with a variety of health issues.  My cold & flu chest rub is one that I use as soon as any symptoms appear.  The blend keeps my symptoms less severe than others who are also sick and significantly decrease the length of time I have symptoms. 

My daughter uses my healing skin cream almost daily on my grandchildren - who call it "Grandma's magic cream" and, yes, that's where I got the name.  

I finally decided it was time to share these wonderful blends with everyone and Grandma's Cupboard was born.  I have also developed a home made version of Tiger Balm - my Muscle Ease - which unlike Tiger Balm contains no parabans or petroleum jelly - only all natural, healthy ingredients to soothe sore, aching muscles and as I have discovered helps relieve arthritis pain as well.

I began working on my deodorant when multiple research studies began to show commercial deodorants/antiperspirants may be linked to Alzheimers and some types of cancer and kidney disease.  Even though the evidence is inconclusive, I just see no reason to take the risk.  I currently have 4 scents, but am working to develop more.  I have recently reformulized my deodorant recipe and am extremely pleased with the results. 

I also have a line of all natural homemade soaps in a variety of scents.  They are made with an aloe vera glycerin soap base or a goat's milk soap base and essential oils.  I now also have a line of anti-bacterial soaps in both liquid and bar form.

I have scented bath salts that can also be used as a foot soak, moisturizing body butter infused with essential oils that repel insects, a kitchen and bath disinfectant, and my Parfum de Poo (your bathroom solution), as well as some gift sets for bath and summer or winter survival.

The oils I purchase to use in my products are all completely organic and chemical free, which makes my products soothing and beneficial.  I hope you enjoy my products as much as my family does.