Remember growing up and visiting Grandma's house?  No matter what ailed you or how you felt, she always had something to make you feel better.  It's the same here at Grandma's Cupboard.  My products are all natural and just make you feel good.

I was introduced to essential oils in 2003 by a co-worker.  Over the years, I developed several blends for my personal use or for my family.  Eventually, my daughter convinced me to share my creations with everyone and Grandma's Cupboard was born.  I am continually amazed at the power and, at the same time, gentleness of these amazing oils.  I make all my products myself using the raw ingredients, essential oils, and my proprietary formulas.  All my ingredients are completely organic and chemical free, which makes my products soothing and beneficial.  I hope you enjoy my products as much as my family does.

Grandma's Cupboard is also a proud member of the GoTexan family.